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Oct 05 2009

Week 7 – Day 1

So as boring and awful I think i am as a teacher it takes my kids leaving to tell me I am not.

Today my second period class was taken away in order to give me a planning period.  Although I am thanful for having planning again, I really do enjoy my second period.  I found out today that they really enjoy (or at least like) me too.  They all told me how they wished they could stay and one student who never talks asked me when they would be coming back to me.

“Well you’re not, Ms. Lozada is your new teacher for the year,” I replied.

“What?  But you’re my favorite teacher…”

That really blew me away.  I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on myself because these kids seem to realise that I do care about them, even if I may not be that great of a teacher.  I wish I still had them, but Ms. Lozada is a CM as well and I know they are in good hands.  Now I just have to make sure to keep up the hard work for the rest of the students I still have.

Also a funny little thing to add — found a note today that I hadn’t thrown away.

“Yo, what you doing?!”

“My work duh!!!”

Haha, my kids suprise me on a regular basis and this one was nice.

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