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Oct 16 2009

Week 8 day 5

So couple of different things have happened since I last posted.

Yesterday I pretty much freaked out on my worst class.  Every time I have them (we are on block schedule) they do not listen, I send someone to in school suspension, and I’m calling parents.  Nothing is working.  I just kind of snapped because with my other classes we made it through the lesson effortlessly, all my students were feeling confident, and we even had extra time left over to play games with. 

This class….oh this class.  What took me 5-10 minutes to teach in my other class was taking me 30-40 minutes to teach them.  We were constantly stopping for behavior.  People are walking around the class.  Students are having full blown conversations at normal level while I’m teaching.  Kids are hitting other kids.  I snapped.

I ended up getting so mad I told them I wanted to quit.  When they said “quit teaching?” I said “No, JUST. THIS. CLASS.” And then I bolted.  I had to leave the classroom to get my breath and keep from crying.

Another one of my students from another period was in the hall.  She asked me if I was ok and why I was so red.  That made me feel better. :-/  She looked in the class and goes “Oh man those are all flunkies!”  I didn’t even say anything.

The rest of the class was just problems I put on the board and then I sat behind my desk and read the news.

The worst.  These kids are not learning anything.  They plain out don’t care.  Do not give two shits about their own future.  At all.  My other classes are the same levels as them (1 or 2, the lowest you can get on the FCAT) and they all have a desire to learn and pay attention and they are thriving.

I don’t know what to do with them and today I feel like whatever.  I am in a very “let them eat cake” attitude, and I don’t even care.  It might as well be 3:30, Friday is a throwaway day today.

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