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Oct 29 2009

Today Is a Weird Day

We have a planning day tomorrow so the kids are out of school and tonight they have their first dance of the year, the Halloween dance. I keep getting asked by students whether or not I am going, thankfully I am not going to see my teens gyrate all over each other. Apparently, though, another teacher told me that they do nothing of the sort, they don’t even dance with one another. Interesting.

We also had an assembly today leaving me with only 5 students and forcing me to postpone my test. I really didn’t care much, as it was a free period for me but now only one period is one day off and I will have to readjust to somehow get them back on track.

Kids are running around the hallways, banging doors, stomping around, yelling, basically doing whatever it is they please. Where are the teachers? I am not allowing my students to be in the hallway for I know the annoyance it causes other teachers, why can they not do the same?

And on a semi-sweet note, my students seem to have somewhat of a care for me. They have noticed today that I am not as cheery as normal and I certainly do not look good. One of my girls even asked if it was something my boyfriend did and offered to go to his house and beat him up for it. That was nice of her.

Hopefully after this blah of a week I will come back with a vengance next week. We are getting into Unit 4, Quarter 2 and let’s hope it goes over better than the first. From what I hear, the grades of my students are actually better than those of first years in the years prior but I also hear that my disillusionment, exhaustion, and lack of overall mental health is pretty much normal.

Let’s hope that Halloween weekend brings some rest and rejuvination.

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